FAQ: Overview

FAQ: Overview

This is the official Frequently Asked Questions document for the Usenet newsgroup soc.motss.
The topics appear below. Each major section of the FAQ is a separate document, most of them conveniently short. If you’re reading with a browser, you can navigate the topics easily using the buttons at the bottom of each page. Use the Index button to see the major headings as links. You can also click the headings below.



Practical matters
Authorship, absence of warranty
Copyright status

Participants and audience
Our “we”
Bigots are not welcome
Are heterosexuals welcome?
New to the net?

Access problems
Private ISP access
My site doesn’t get soc.motss
My site has read-only access to soc.motss

Posting to soc.motss
Acceptable topics
Anonymous posting
Posting styles

Posting: Problem language
How you talk counts
Words that draw heat

Posting: Problem topics
Recurring fireworks
Flame thread rotation list

Posting: Don’t Do Any of This
Do not cross-post, either into or out of soc.motss!
Personal ads
Pictures and other multimedia attachments

Posting: Responses
Expected and unexpected
What will happen if I read soc.motss?
What will happen if I post to soc.motss?
No one has responded. Am I being ignored?
Why is there nothing of interest to me?
Thread drift

Soc.motss history
How it all started
Why not a more obvious name like soc.lesbigay?

Soc.motss in-group lingo
Social cement
Irony and sarcasm
Asterisks of contempt
Jennesaqua, so sew me, etc.
Twinks and smurfs, lurkers and trolls
Signature codes and bears
Red rhinestone pumps

Terms of inclusiveness
Does “gay” imply male?
Is “gay” a noun or an adjective?
“Sexual orientation” or “sexual preference”?
Gender-neutral pronouns
Inclusive terminology

Annual frolics

Soc.motss images
Motss.con pix CD-ROM
The motss picture archive
Viewing images
The motss map
Motss t-shirts

Kill files

Other issues
Copyrights on the Internet
Splitting the newsgroup
Dealing with the volume
Other newsreader software issues
Films and videos

Other motss-related newsgroups

Other LGBTO-oriented network resources
What is the QRD?
Are there mailing lists I can subscribe to?
Are there BBS’s I can subscribe to?
How do I find someone’s e-mail address?

LGB Symbols
The origin of the pink triangle
Pink triangle: point up or down?
The lambda symbol
The rainbow flag

Annual events
When is Pride Day in {city}
When is National Coming Out Day?

Science: Kinsey and other studies
The Kinsey scale
The origin of the “10% gay” figure
What else Kinsey found

Science: LeVay and brain research
LeVay’s findings
About the small sample size
What this study proves
Newer research

Medicine and health: HIV and AIDS
Basic facts
The “AIDS test”
What is a T-cell?
I read about some controversial hypothesis
concerning AIDS/HIV
Since my partner and I are both HIV negative, we
don’t have to bother with safer sex, do we?
Where can I get more information?

Books on LGB history

LGB political landmarks
Harvey Milk
Elected officials in the US
Who are Kirk and Madsen, Bawer, Signorile, et al?

The Radical Right mainstream
U.S. Radical Right groups
Christian Coalition
Promise Keepers

The Radical Right fringe
More U.S. Radical Right groups
Focus on the Family
Family Research Council
Concerned Women for America
American Family Association
Exodus International (and associates)
The National Association for Research and Therapy
of Homosexuality
The Eagle Forum
Traditional Values Coalition
American Center for Law and Justice
Heritage Foundation
The Report

Radical Right allies
Other anti-LGBTO forces in the U.S.
Westboro Baptist Church
Rutherford Institute
Operation Rescue
American Life League

The Radical Right sympathizers
Phobes you should know
Paul Cameron
William Dannemeyer & Dana Rohrabacher
Richard Cohen
Terry Dolan
Pat Buchanan

Watershed anti- laws
What was Measure 9?
What is/was Amendment 2?

Political Activism
I saw an 800 number that is maintained by
{homophobic group}. Should I post it so everyone
can call and tie up the line?
OK, how about an e-mail address?

LGB rights laws
Which countries have laws against discrimination
on the basis of sexual orientation (“a/d laws”)?
Where is same-gender sex legal?
Which U.S. states have active sodomy laws?
What about discrimination by private employers?
Didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court say sodomy was a
crime even in private?
What’s going on with Hawaii and same-sex
What US entities are currently contemplating
anti-LGBTO laws?

LGBTO organizations
Organizations for people in high-tech
About other groups

Possible discussion topics