FAQ: Posting: Don’t Do Any of This

FAQ: Posting: Don’t Do Any of This

Cross-posting, into or out of soc.motss, is discouraged

The same goes for reposting an article originally seen elsewhere. It is bad manners to cross-post or duplicate something from another newsgroup to soc.motss just because it has something to do with LGBTO people or issues, and/or because you think people here should read it. It is especially bad manners to cross-post articles of types that are not welcome here.

The best thing to do with such posts is to ignore them, or, if you must, to reply by e-mail. It is sometimes acceptable to post a brief note (to soc.motss only!) to the effect “In newsgroup a.b.c there is a thread called blah-blah. Check it out if you’re interested.”

The same idea applies to cross-posting into other groups. The reason there are thousands of newsgroups is to compartmentalize areas of interest and not to link them all together. In general, people interested in the newsgroups where you might want to cross-post read those groups themselves.

Similarly, the regional newsgroups — see

were set up for the purposes of discussing local events, and not as alternate newsgroups to discuss issues of global interest. In addition, some people read only regional newsgroups because there’s less traffic. Thus, filling them back up with cross-posts is counterproductive to their purpose.

If someone from another group starts including soc.motss in their Newsgroups: header, there’s not much we can do. The best tactic is to sit on your hands and ignore it. Long experience indicates that nothing else *really* works.

In general when someone cross-posts into soc.motss, doing absolutely nothing about it other than waiting is the best course. It has proved counterproductive to attempt to reason with people who cross-post; that usually makes things worse, not better, sometimes much worse.

No one is authorized to speak for soc.motss as a group, about cross-posting or any other topic. The FAQ is as close as it gets to expressing the group’s will. Sending email to cross-posters telling them about the “rules” is obviously highly insulting and only makes the problem worse.

Personal ads

Do not post personals to soc.motss. First of all, few people take them seriously, since such posts often come from someone playing a practical joke. Second, there are better ways to introduce yourself rather than just posting your attributes, interests, etc.

If you really want to post a personal ad, there are newsgroups specifically for that purpose — try alt.personals.motss or alt.personals.gay for starters.

Pictures and other multimedia attachments

Don’t post them. For people on slower links (dialup, SLIP/PPP connections, etc.) such attachments can tie up the line. They also tend to take up large amounts disk space. Many people are using newsreaders that make no provision for multimedia attachments. In addition, people’s tastes are so varied that most people will simply not be interested.

If you feel you must post a picture to the net, two ways to do so are to (1) post it to alt.binaries.pictures.erotica (.male or .female), or (2) make it available on a web page or by anonymous ftp (at your own site and your own risk), and then post a short message announcing it to soc.motss.

Note that digitizing and disseminating images from magazines, etc., may violate copyright laws — see


People occasionally post surveys to soc.motss. These surveys are unlikely to get a good response. Many of the questionnaires are badly thought out and of no scientific use. Don’t try to use soc.motss for an end-of-term project.

If you are convinced your survey is serious and scientifically and academically valid, then please follow these guidelines:

Tell us exactly who you are, where you work, and why you are doing a survey. In particular, what use to you is a self-selected sample? If you have any previous publications to cite, that would help.

Say whether the identity of respondents will be kept confidential, and if so, offer convincing evidence that you will keep this promise. You may want to include details of how to reply through an anonymous server.

Since it is often possible to guess at the identity of a respondent from quoted text, if you wish to quote segments of confidential responses in your results, obtain permission from the respondent first.

Out of courtesy, please post some form of your results to the group.