Anthology of Memorable Soc.Motss Postings

Someone suggested that some postings were so good they should be collected and made available on the web. Several participants keep archives and offered materials for this anthology.

A few postings required minor editing to establish context or trim extraneous matter. Notify of any problems.

Here are some common links.

Politics Political lives in a reality of prejudice.
Society The intolerant society surrounding us.
History Historical struggles for full civil and social equality for all people.
Culture Culture and lifestyles.
Locus Vivendi The places where we live and visit.
Language Language, foreign and domestic.
Arts Arts and entertainment.
Arts Wisdom and ideas.
Food We are what we eat.
Garden We are what we grow.
Coming Out Coming out as ourselves.
Witness Witnesses to our own lives.
Growth Personal growth as sovereign human beings.
Relationships Relationships.
Jacques Long-term partners Arnold Zwicky and Jacques Transue cope with the aftermath of brain tumor surgery that renders Jacques increasingly helpless.
Illness Responses to illness and the need for support.
Loss Griefs from the loss of parents, other family, friends and pets.
Grief Griefs wrought by HIV and its complications.
Soc.Motss The newsgroup views itself.
Motss Cons Reports from motsser gatherings, whenever and wherever.
Erotica Because it’s always there.
Cartoons Text-cartoon spoofs of “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Doonesbury”, by Ron Rizzo.
Humor Zaniness, fun, inside jokes and other frivolities.
Ridicule Skewerings of various viewpoints within and outside of our own midst.
Authors Index of authors of the Memorials and Anthology sections.