Soc.Motss Rules of Engagement

Here are new proposals (nay, let us say commands) about the soc.motss Rules of Engagement:

When in doubt, flame.

You are a fragile ego in a world of egos. They are out to get you. Your best defense is to attack first.

Hate is a family value when it is your gay and lesbian family.

You may forget why you made them, but never forget your negative judgments.

Be proud of your ability to hold a grudge, it shows character.

If someone offers an olive branch, bite their hand. You hate olives and they should have remembered this.

Pick a side.

You are on the side of Righteousness and Truth. Therefore, everything is permitted.

You are not insensitive; the other person is annoying.

You are right and they are wrong. Since they are wrong, they must be stupid.

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