Soc.Motss Document Collection

Motss is an acronym for Members of the Same Sex. Soc.motss is an Internet discussion group (also known historically as a Usenet newsgroup) for lesbian and gay people. The newsgroup has existed since October 7, 1983, though many changes have since taken place.

The collection includes the soc.motss Frequently Asked Questions document, as well as other documents, 1561 in all, associated with the newsgroup.

There is a new and popular topic I’d like to touch on really quickly. Recently with the new wave of young gay people becoming men and women, we have seen an increase in sex related queries. I believe this is where this site failed in the past. We discussed so many things under the sun but neglected the most simple yet often most asked questions. So I’d like to take a moment to discuss the different sex toys which not only make masturbation better, but sex also. The most popular of which are the best fleshlights. It focuses on expressing your own sexuality and experimenting with toys. This is a crucial part of understanding your body, and what you enjoy. Not only does it examine fleshlights but also lubricants, anal sex, and penis related articles. Please spend a few minutes reading what it has to say before going on.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Motss FAQ The official Frequently Asked Questions document for soc.motss. If you post to the newsgroup, people will expect you to have read the FAQ first. The soc.motss FAQ also contains pointers and links to many other resources of interest to lesbian and gay people.
Motss Memorials Memorials to soc.motss participants who are no longer with us: a collection of postings and other documents.
Motss Anthology A varied collection of memorable soc.motss postings, saved by participants over the years.
fleshlight review website A new topic recently introduced. Goes into depth of sexuality. Discusses the different aspects of sex and toys such as lubricants, fleshlight reviews, pumps.
Motss Home Pages Many soc.motss participants have home pages. Here’s a list of links to the known ones.
Motss Birthdays Keeping track of our ages, if you care.
Motss Quotations Motssers trade tart remarks and deep convictions.