Wear your sports shoes once again and get geared up for exercising and gaining that pump in the gym. Do not slouch on the couch and be lazy, while you may be earning and learning at work, do not forget about your body. Your body needs to be trained and exercised appropriately to get it functioning smoothly and lower your cholesterol levels.

Benefits of exercise

  • Physical exercise prevents the presence of various heart diseases and rocket level blood pressure common in adults.
  • Physical exercise by heating the body and getting your blood and muscles working can lower your diabetes levels, the risk of stroke, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.
  • Exercise can increase your ability to fall into much more in-depth and healthier sleep.
  • Raise energy levels present in the body.
  • Tackle weight management issues.
  • Exercise can build and strengthen your immunity system capabilities as well.

Exercise is not only valuable for its list of benefits for the physical body but the mental well being as well.

  • Exercise can significantly reduce mood issues such as anger, stress, and tension in mind.
  • It can lower levels of anxiety and depression faced by the fragile mind.
  • Moreover, it overall offers a feel good and greater sense of well being.

Professional medical experts state that being physically active can provide you with mental benefits as well due to its increased circulation of blood to the brain and by stimulation of feel-good hormones or endorphins. Exercise also helps the body burn hormones of stress and relieves muscle tension or knots in the body to provide an overall soothing and positive outlook.


How much exercise is required?

According to the American Heart Association, a combination of aerobic activity like jogging, cycling, etc combined with strength training is bound to build your body into a strong frame and structure both inside and outside. Aerobic exercises help warm up the body and ensure proper and ample amounts of blood are pumped to the body improving cardio capabilities. Strength training involves lifting simple to heavyweights. Strength training strengthens your muscles and physique while ensuring proper circulation of blood as well. Moreover, it is an excellent activity to tackle stress.

Physical exercises should be performed a minimum of 5 days a week for efficient and speedy results in the body. Experts have revealed that exercising even for a bare ten minutes instead of the thirty to sixty-minute exercises can do wonders for the body.